Video streaming Security and Protection techniques inside Livebox

Livebox has obtained media security to some completely different level by incorporating numerous security layers as choices to guard your media. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen people asking us about how we can supply so much at this low cost unlike any other broadcasting box or support supplier in the world industry. Our only real answer to these is we really wish to make a difference, we would like to affect your company and be your sole trusted partner not just for the service but also concerning pricing. Many companies promise great service but not fantastic pricing. As a staff, we wish to go 1 step higher and keep client’s trust for dependable reduced pricing without compromising on the quality of characteristics.
Security Layers
A cookie limitation setting may be enabled to prevent anyone from viewing your recorded or live flow from another domain except your own site
Hot-linking protection is just another feature which can be disabled or enabled to shield your flow from being embedded or used in thirdparty sites
Encryption is a brand new feature which may be enabled on-demand to completely encrypt all of the media packets inside your dwell or vod stream. The good thing about this is that no one would have the ability to play with the media if they figure out how to download it.
IP limitation is still another cutting edge feature that currently exists but we believed it’d be a fantastic idea to mention it . This can be used to completely block or permit access to certain ip addresses. You have the choice to block all ip’s or allow specific ip addresses to look at the stream. Blocked IPs will be completely locked from reaching the machine through any way from this IP address.
Stream Download defense is just another brand new technique utilized to protect the flow from being downloaded from media downloading programs.
Can these mechanics completely guard my media content from being listed? Though we’d like to possess super powers, we do not have them. There’s not any alternative that actually comes this way to safeguard your media. With the inclusion of these attributes, we have had an overwhelming response from our new and existing customers.
The most recent Livebox broadcasting box has recorded live material encryption and media safety to a completely different level. But, there are no guarantees or guarantees to protect information from being listed by a viewer. Utilizing today’s technologies,it’s likely to simply capture the media with a high-end phone camera at adequate quality. To proceed farther,somebody can join the playing media into a recorder. There’s not any known technology which exists to stop media content from being listed. It may only be guarded.
Livebox has taken this security much before the presently available technologies on the marketplace. So, what new live broadcasting techniques exist to safeguard recorded and live media content? In case you still have not used Livebox whatsoever or never heard about it before, don’t hesitate to sign-up at It may be your time to get a breakthrough to take your company, training or marketing to another level. Livebox is currently providing more bang for its dollar concerning supplying a massive number of attributes in a box to get a listing breaking pricing. Taking that further, the newest features that are being added on a regular basis render us without any words to describe the level to which the engineering group goes provide client delight.


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